Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Article Younster: As neighbor, what can we share?

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This post the article is : As neighbor, what can we share?

Every people cannot live alone as an island. We live together in zone. The people who live next to us are neighbors.

One, we can share force to them, mean that when our neighbors busy to do something we ought to help them.

Two, e can five them with food, when our neighbor shortage of food we can give food to them, if we can.

Third, when our neighbor meets the problems we can provide with some good ideas to solve the problems.

Fourth, when our neighbors have economical problem, we can let them borrow some money.
We can give fun to them, when our family has a party we should invite them to join the party.
If we can do like this the relationship between our neighbors and us will be good forever.

By Darapung, a high school student from countryside of Cambodia

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