Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Amazing $400,000 Robot

Referring to the title of this post it's amazing that a robot cost $400,000. For the price is it cheap or expensive for you? For me, it's very expensive that I am saying Amazing!

Well, according to the New York Times technology news, the robot is called PR2. It is a new large robot made by a company based in California, USA. Well, how the robot big is it? The robot PR2 stands five feet tall and comes with arms, cameras and some pretty serious software.

Do you want to buy the robot? The robot costs $400,000. The company said the discounts were available for individuals with a successful track record in the open-source community.

What PR2 Could be used for?

- Cleaning up messy areas

- Carrying heavy objects.

- Organizing mail into different buckets.

- Could also be used in more personal settings.

More about the robot, please watch the video of PR2 below:

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