Sunday, 22 August 2010

Article Youngster: The Advantage of Telephone

The Advantage of Telephone

Now a day technology is very modern. Everything update every day. At the same time telephone was great. For what did people built it?

Telephone is a electrical product it work by electricity. It has right size for people to bring it easily. We can put it in our pocket.

Although its size is small but it has a lot of advantages for people in this new generation, it has many positions, such as calling; massaging; entertainment etc.
In the past when we had wanted to know about information, event and news from someone or relative we would write a letter- it takes time so much for transforming. But now a day whenever you want to connect to other people we only take it from your pocket and press number button on it we can make relationship with other people easily. It spends a little bit of time and a few penny of money.
In other way, when we feel bored we can use telephone for entertainment.
So people produced telephone for new civilization.

By Darapung, a high school student from countryside of Cambodia

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