Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of Automatic Car Washing

Do you have a car?

Have you ever prepared for your car washing?

How you choose the way to clean your car? By washing your car by manual or use the automatic way.

If you choose to clean or wash your car in an automatic way, do you think about the advantages and disadvantages on it yet?

A Car Washing Station [Image Source: Flickr.com]

Here's just my some opinions on Automatic Car Washing:

* Advantages:

- Time: You can do any other job as your car is being cleaned. You can save the time with this method of car washing.

- Care: The Automatic car washing station cares the cleaning for you...


* Disadvantages: you should think about the damage of the Automatic Car Washing. Do you make sure that your car is really clean and safe after your car is cleaned...So, make sure that your car is OK before you leave the car washing station!!!


*** Video of Automatic Car Washing:

This post is just my small ideas to share with you all friends, If you know more about the Automatic Car Washing, Please kindly leave your comments below!!!

Many thanks!

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