Thursday, 19 August 2010

Article Youngster: The Advantage of Forest

Article Youngster: The Advantage of Forest:

Cambodia is a county that have a lot of forest, especially in Ratanakiri province. The trees are very useful for peoples, animal, wild life and environment.

Forest: Wikipedia

For people, we can use the trees for home buildings, boat building, and bridge buildings. We also can rearrange them to become exclusive furniture that is very expensive thing in the market. And we can use it for meal cooking. People can be protected by the forests from natural accidence such as hurricane, flood etc.

Forest: Wikipedia

For animals and wild lives, forests provide them with comfortable place to live and also the foods.

For environment, they make an environment be charm full place because of their fresh color-green.

In other hand, they are oxygen producer that is source of life.
So forests really have a lot of useful things. So we should grow more trees and try to prevent them.

Forest: Wikipedia

By Darapung, a high school student from countryside of Cambodia

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