Saturday, 6 March 2010

Two Reasons I May Quit Blogging?

What is Blogging?

Blogging? I simply know that when I have a blog that is hosting on free hosting or prepaid hosting site, I just do posting what I want to post on the blog. So, I think that Blogging is Posting!

Why I Quit Blogging?

As I said previously Blogging is Posting. So, Quitting Blogging means Quitting my posting on my blog. Why do I quit posting?

Some reason that I quit blogging:

1. No Time, Waste Time: Doing something, work, task any jobs we need time to process them. If you are very busy so you may no time to do blogging. Some people may said blogging is wasting time.

2. Nothing to Post: Sometimes I feel that I have nothing to post on my blog so that I stop blogging. Do I think like this, it's correct or not? One more thing, I think that the thing that I prepare to post on my blog, it was already posted on other blogs on the Internet. So, I have nothing to post! Am I wrong thinking like this?

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