Friday, 17 April 2009

Reasons why people should use Google AdSense

As my previous post mentioned about what AdSense is, today, with this post I want to focus on some reasons why people should use Google AdSense on their blogs or websites.

At first, please read 10 reasons from Darren Rowse on The 10 things he wrote are:

1. International Traffic

2. Easy Implementation

3. Massive Advertiser Base

4. Obscure Topics

5. Make it Easy For Advertisers to Target Your Blog

6. Set it and Forget it

7. No Minimum Traffic Levels

8. Able to be Used with Other Ad Types

9. Multiple Ad Formats

10. Reliable Payment

To read more details about the 10 reasons, please visit his blog here....

For me, at the beginning of using AdSense on my blog, I just have 2 reasons as following:

1. Earn money:

Honestly, I want to earn some extra cash while I'm blogging, so I try using it. But I do not know wether I will have good future with this program or not. From what I start placing Adsense ads on my blog I always put in my brain with the integrity by following the program's policies and its terms and services. I think that I must work hard with blogging to earn this extra money as I know "We can not make money without working hard".

2. Reliability:

Google AdSense is run by Google company, which I think is the biggest company of search engine on the Internet. So what I satisfy and believe in AdSesne are:

- Rich of ads: As I know, AdWords is an Advertising Network mananged by Google which million of advertisers on the Internet using it. So based on AdWords program, I think that Adsense publishing network will never lacks of ads to be shown on blogs or websites.

- Full of relevant ads: Adsense is also known as contextual publishing network. Advertisements to be displayed on any websites or blogs are very relevant to the content of the topic on those sites. When people search any keyword on the Internet, they can see more relevant keywords as Adsense ads that related to what keyword they search. So Adsense can make the sites rich of contents.

- Payment: I think that payment is the most important thing that people concern about before they join any program. But with AdSense, do you know anyone not get paid from Google when they reach the minimum payout? For me, I think very very long time when I reach 100$ payout, I will get paid, and the reasons why I won't get paid is due to problem of address or get paid with time delayed as I have read some posts on Cambodian blogger blogs that they also earn money from their blog with Adsense program.

Well, this is just my small idea about the reasons why I use Adsense. I think all you guys will have your own reasons why you use this program, too. Please leave your comment by showing your reasons below, thanks!

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Roseli A. Bakar 18 April 2009 at 20:51  

Adsense is a top affiliate program because it is easy to get related ads to your site !

Great info bro.

VisaLittleboy 18 April 2009 at 23:51  

Hi Roseli,

You have a great idea.
Thanks for your comment!

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