Monday, 24 January 2011

Technology: What is Tablet PC?

What is Tablet PC?

Tablet PC (Tablet Personal Computer):

- a portable personal computer equipped with a touchscreen as a primary input device

- it's designed to be operated and owned by an individual.

- refer to any tablet-sized personal computer, even if its not using Windows but another PC operating system.

- Tablets may use virtual keyboards and handwriting recognition for text input through the touchscreen.

- All tablet personal computers have a wireless adapter for Internet and local network connection.

- Software applications for tablet PCs include office suites, web browsers, games and a variety of applications. However, since portable computer hardware components are low powered, demanding PC applications may not provide an ideal experience to the user.

Google Tablet PC

For more details about it's features and usage...Please visit videos about Tablet PC, below:

The Google Tablet: Head to Head with Apple?

Microsoft Courier - Microsofts New Tablet Courier PC

I really love to buy Tablet PC, but may be no enough money to buy yet...I really Can't Afford a Tablet PC!!!

How much is it, a Tablet PC?

According to TechCrunch's post since 2009, How Much Is That Apple Tablet Going To Cost? Not $399 Or $499, with the price about $300 to $500, I'm gonna buy iPhone 3GS is better, but in the future, when I have enough money can afford the Tablet PC's price, Yeah..I will buy one to know how it is comfortable device. As people say, as technology guy should use a latest update technology device!!! But the importance is Money! No money can not buy at least a meal, No money can not buy anything or can not do anything, besides doing thing that cost nothing....Please remember my word!!!

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