Monday, 24 January 2011

Personal Daily Interest News: Google Market Capitalization is Now About $196 Billion

Google's Market Capitalization is Now About $196 Billion

This morning, I read a news from CBS News website ( on a title posted "Google: $100 Million To Eric Schmidt". This information, Google: $100 Million To Eric Schmidt, CBS also got from AP News.

With this news, I'm very interested in about Eric Schmidt and Google's market capitalization which is now about $196 Billion.

First of all, I want to know who is Eric Schmidt?

Let me quote about introduction to Eric Schmidt and his Biography from Wikipedia:

Eric Emerson Schmidt (born April 27, 1955(1955-04-27))[3] is an engineer, Chairman/CEO of Google and a former member of the Board of Directors of Apple Inc.[4] He is a co-author of the lex lexical analyzer software for Unix. He has also sat on the boards of trustees for Carnegie Mellon University[5] and Princeton University.


Dr. Eric Schmidt was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Blacksburg, Virginia. After graduating from Yorktown High School,[7] Eric Schmidt attended Princeton University where he earned a BSEE in 1976.[8] At the University of California, Berkeley, he earned an MS in 1979 for designing and implementing a network linking the campus computer center, the CS and the EECS departments,[9][10] and a PhD in 1982 in EECS with a dissertation about the problems of managing distributed software development and tools for solving these problems.[11] He was joint author of lex (a lexical analyzer and an important tool for compiler construction). He taught at Stanford Business School as a part time professor.[12]

Dr. Schmidt lives in Atherton, California, with his wife Wendy.[13]

He is also on the list of ARTnews 200 top art collectors.

And let me quote the news which say about Google's market capitalization is now about $196 billion:

Schmidt has led Google since 2001, three years before the company went public in August 2004. Since then, Google's shares have grown more than sixfold, at one point surpassing $700. Google's market capitalization is now about $196 billion. Though it faces a formidable crop of young new rivals, notably Facebook, Google so far has managed to stay on top of the online advertising food chain, relying mainly on its search prowess but flexing its muscles in other areas too.

Source news: CBS News

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