Saturday, 22 January 2011

Technology: How To Send Picture Messages (MMS) From Your iPhone

Hello my lovely visitor! Today, with this post. I'm happy to show you an interesting technology regarding the way you can send Picture Messages from Your iPhone.


Are you using iPhone?

If you are using iPhone, yeah...Please keeping reading this amazing tip...

How To Send Picture Messages (MMS) From Your iPhone

Well, this technique, we send the Message to an iPhone by using iPhone Apps called Picfree.

What is Picfree?

Just know that, Picfree is an kind of iPhone application that you can send free picture messages (MMS) to any US mobile or email. This application is aggregated by Apptism.The application costs $5.99, but thats all you pay. There is NO COST for sending any picture messages, all the messages you send are free! Simply take a pic from your iPhone or use a photo from the Photo Library, then send that picture to any US mobile phone via MMS or even to an email. Its requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later..More details about Picfree application, please visit its website, Picfree...

iPhone send MMS to Mobile

Step by step how to Send Picture Messages (MMS) From Your iPhone using Picfree:

Please watch the video of huskermania. He's going to show you how you can send MMS messages from your iPhone or iPod Touch using a great application called the Picfree..

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