Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Great Place to Join Flixya: Share Videos,Photos,Blogs, 100% Revenue

Few days ago, I joined a great website called Flixya.com. The site let us join FREE to share videos,photos,blogs, even we can make money online. The site allow us to get 100% revenue from Google Adsense program.

Why you should trust Flixya.com?

Well, as you can see the right bottom corner of the website, it is powered by Google Adsense program. So, the site must be related to and monitored by Google Adsense. So, Adsense Publishers, please don't play any tricks with Flixya, and Google Adsense as well!

Why you should join Flixya.com?

With Flixya, I can have or make fun with it by share or show photos,videos,blogs, even I can get some revenue from my entertainment.

I think it's a great website to join!!!

Flixya.com shares everything...

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