Friday, 15 May 2009

Three Ways To Know Readers Comment on Your Blogger Blog

As my previous post about "Three key points that a blogger should comment on other blogs", Today, I'd like to show you my 3 ways that I've noticed to know the readers comment on my blogger blog.

Here are the three ways:

1. Email Notification: How to get to be notified when the readers comment on the blog? Well, to do this, got to your blogger Settings tab->Comments tab as the image shown below:

On the Comments tab page, scroll down to the "Comment Notification Email" option like the image below:

At this option, you can enter your Email address that you want to receive the Comment Notification Email from's comment email: Any time that your readers comment on any post on your blog, you will immediately receive that Email. Rememer that one comment on that post you will receive one Email,too. Moreover, you can enter upto 10 Email addresses, separated by commas, these addreses will be receive the Comment Notification Email from's Email,too.

2. By Checking out Edit Posts:Go to your blog's Posting tab->Edit Posts tab, you will see the list of posts with the number of the readers' comment when they commented on your blog posts.

This is another way to know people comment on each post of your blogger blog. By clicking on the comment links, you will see the readers commented on your blog.

3. By Checking the Recent Comment Widget:

This is also a simple way to check directly on your blog. If you not yet implemented the Recent Coment Widget, please find out with this post!

I'd like to see from you your ways to know your readers comment on your blog, please comment below,thanks!

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