Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Personal Daily Interest News: Facebook Hired Former White House Press Secretary

- Who is the Former White House Press Secretary that Facebook hired?

==> It's Joe Lockhart.

- Who is Joe Lockhart?

==> Joseph Lockhart (born July 13, 1959) served as White House Press Secretary from October 5, 1998 to September 29, 2000, during the administration of President Bill Clinton. He handled the press during the Clinton impeachment trials.

Mr. Lockhart is a founding partner and managing director of The Glover Park Group, a public relations and political strategy firm. Mr. Lockhart is also a veteran of multiple political campaigns. He was an adviser to Senator John Kerry during his presidential bid in 2004. He also held senior roles in the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign, the 1988 Dukakis-Bentsen campaign, and the 1984 Mondale-Ferraro campaign. In 1980, he worked as a regional press coordinator for President Carter’s failed reelection bid.

Why Facebook hired Joe Lockhart?

==> The hiring of Mr. Lockhart comes as Facebook has been deepening its already considerable ties in Washington. The company has been facing increasing scrutiny from regulators over issues like privacy. And Facebook is expected to be thrust even more into the spotlight after it becomes a publicly traded company, which is likely to happen next year.

“Joe’s arrival brings new skills and greater depth to our incredibly busy team,” Elliot Schrage, Facebook’s vice president of global communications, marketing and public policy, said. “His experience building and running a press office at the White House gives him particular appreciation for the demands of a global 24-hour news cycle and the challenges of responding effectively to intense scrutiny. His experience launching and scaling a communications firm will help us as we seek to build our team and continue to offer great opportunities for growth and professional development.”

==>> That's really very interesting news about Facebook!!!

Source: The New York Times, Wikipedia

*** Watch a video of Joe Lockhart:

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