Tuesday, 19 April 2011

1$ A Year Now $1.25 Million A Year Earning

With the title of this post of my personal daily interest news you may wonder with the figure amount of the big money earning. Do you know who can earn this large amount of money???

Yeah, with the amount of earning, I want to refer to Eric Schmidt (Eric Emerson Schmidt). According to Wikipedia, Eric Emerson Schmidt, born April 27, 1955(1955-04-27), is an engineer, a former member of the board of directors of Apple Inc. , and current executive chairman of Google. From 2001-2011, he served as CEO of Google. He is a co-author of the lex lexical analyzer software for Unix. He has also sat on the boards of trustees for Carnegie Mellon University and Princeton University.

Wikipedia: Eric Schmidt

Eric E. Schmidt’s new job as executive chairman of Google came with a very great raise which he had been earning just $1 a year since 2005 and will now earn $1.25 million a year with a potential $6 million annual bonus, according to a regulatory filing Tuesday by Google.

That's really very big amount of money he can earn since the beginning of only 1$ a year. I really appreciate him!!!

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