Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Google TV- Multimillion-Channel TV

Google TV is a new experience made for television that combines the TV you know and love with the freedom and power of the Internet.

Google TV- Image from Flickr

(CNN) -- Saying it will "change the future of television," Google on Thursday rolled out Google TV -- the internet giant's venture into web-TV integration.

The application, run by Google's Android operating system, lets users search for content from their television, DVR and the web.

"Here we are folks -- the multimillion-channel TV," said Google project director Rishi Chandra during a two-hour keynote on Google's Android operating system at the company's annual I/O conference in San Francisco, California.

Even as sites like Google-owned YouTube have emerged as viable entertainment options, the move is a nod to a basic truth of leisure time: The estimated 4 billion television users worldwide is still a much bigger customer base than those using the internet.

"There's still not a better medium to reach a wider and broader audience than television," Chandra said...

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