Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Wow! $30 an Hour, Amazing!

$30 an Hour

What's $30 an hour?

As the title of this post, you may wonder about the "$30 an hour". Here, I want to refer to the jobs that pay you $30 an hour. Do you think it's amazing? Surprising?

Yeah, for me it's really amazing!Just only one hour, you got $30. If you work a day 8 hours, You'll get $240 a day! so, It's a huge income salary!!!

How many jobs that pay you $30 an hour???

There are 30 jobs that pay $30 an hour...

1. Post-secondary communications teachers

2. Post-secondary education and library science teachers

3. Purchasing managers

4. Environmental engineers

5. Post-secondary chemistry teachers

6. Animal scientists

7. Chemical engineers

8. Industrial production managers

9. Physician assistants

10. Medical and health services managers

11. Post-secondary education administrators

12. Operations research analysts

13. Post-secondary art, drama and music teachers

14. Food scientists and technologists

15. Nuclear technicians

16. Construction managers

17. Set and exhibit designers

18. Market research analysts

19. Civil engineers

20. Nuclear medicine technologists

21. Architects

22. Speech-language pathologists

23. Chemists

24. Training and development managers

25. Diagnostic medical sonographers

26. Medical scientists

27. Kindergarten teachers

28. Technical writers

29. Ship engineers

30. Dental hygienists



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