Thursday, 28 January 2010

Using Mobile Phone Makes You Headache?

Mobile phone is an electronic device that we use to telecommunication. Nowadays, Mobile phone is very popular for people to use for their business communication, family relationship or individual contacts. Using mobile phone makes our lives more easier to contact each other....But please don't forget it's also effected to our health...

Using Mobile Phone Makes You Headache?

Girl with Mobile phone: Image Source

This is the truth....I know a young relative woman. She is near my house. Every night I usually hear her voice talking with her friend in a long talking period, some days a half of hour or more than one hour long, until her parents name her as "Mobile phone Talker Star". And now, after about one month of notice, she often complaint that she gets headache. One day, she told me: "I am very very headache...It looks like something in my brain....". So, I consider that her headache mostly causes from her talking much on phone...

Using Mobile Phone only Makes You Headache?

Some scientific studies show that using mobile phone not only makes us headache but also makes our memory lost and cancer.....
So, Using mobile phone is really harmful...

Should We Stop Using Mobile Phone?

Baby with Mobile phone: Image Source

I think: No, we can not stop!!! If we stop, all mobile operators around the world will fall down and we will be difficult to connect each other...Another big problem is that all Mobile shops will be closed...

What do you think about using mobile phone? Please leave your comment below,thanks!

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