Monday, 28 December 2009

Santa has completed his 2009 flight. Come back in 2010 to see him fly again!

"Santa has completed his 2009 flight. Come back in 2010 to see him fly again!". This is the words that I have just found on NORAD website that I was curious about SANTA visiting during Christmas day.

Who is SANTA?

For me, I just know SANTA is an old man who delivers gifts to people, especially children during Christmas day. I love SANTA....More about SANTA!

Locations Santa has already visited:

>>> Hilo, Hawaii, United States [Photo]

Hilo, Hawaii, United States [Video]

>>> Moscow, Russia [Photo]

Moscow, Russia [Video]

And many other places where SANTA has already visited like:
North Pole, Pacific Ocean, Auckland, New Zealand, Sydney, Australia, Fuji, Japan, Great Wall of China, Perth, Australia, Mount Everest, Taj Mahal, India, International Space Station, Pyramids, Egypt, Rome, Italy, Zurich, Switzerland, Paris, France, London, England, Lajes do Pico, Portugal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Machu Picchu, Peru, Cape Canaveral, Florida, Toronto, Canada, New York, New York, Reindeer Lake, Canada, St. Louis, Missouri, Mexico City, Mexico, Colorado Springs, Seattle, Washington.

To watch the videos of SANTA: Please visit here!


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